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Virus - Reformat &/or Slow

what do we get with this service?

With this service you get your computer cleaned up from all files & programs installed on your computer that DOES NOT COME included with the BASE Windows
That means when you get your computer back it will be just like brand new with nothing else installed other than core windows. See screenshot below.


- Can be done fast!

- Barebones Windows

- Start Newly Fresh


- Reconfigure System

- No Starter Apps

- Clears out Data**

If you have Microsoft Office such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.. YOU WILL NEED TO REINSTALL THIS.
THIS SUITE IS NOT part of Windows!
Please see our blog entry "How will I be able to view/edit Documents after a Virus Cleaning'"?

** Yes your data files such as pictures, contacts, documents, settings, blah blah, yes everything WILL BE GONE. as stated above only the CORE WINDOWS OS will be on the computer when you get it back, if you would like for us to back up your data, we can do so, tier pricing for that can be found by clicking here. 😃

Ready to get started?
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