Username & password Synchronizing Tutoring

This service is catered to Individuals, Familes, or Businesses that would like to learn how to manage their usernames, & passwords across multiple devices weather it be iOS, & Android, Windows or Mac computers as well! Never forget another password & let the auto create feature make a safe & sercure password with random characters, & the best part is that you do not need to even remember it as the password manager will take care of it for you & sync it across all your devices. Feel free to reach out to us @GVAPC on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more info.


Lesson includes: 


- 2 Hour sit down & setup your account with you

- Setup app on Computers, Android, iOS devices, etc...

- Help you to use app with various devices

- Setup Family or Business account staff & family members

- Help you generate a report on how secure your passwords are.

- Setup your account recovery key so you always retain control of your account.

- A number of other feature just ask!


Once ordered contact us with your order # to setup time & date for lesson. (Not available on weekends)

Username & password Synchronizing Tutoring