Why is my computer slow?

There are usually 1 or more culprits of making your computer slow, it's never usually one thing, so what we like to do in this circumstance is that we like to do go over some of the options that we like to give our customers.

#1 - Software Clean up with Solid State Drive

Traditional Hard Drive's are usually the biggest culprit's of the slowness of computers, Take a look at a clip below of our video over "Traditional Hard drive Vs. Solid State Drives"

So aside from the usual Virus & other bad programs running on your computer

that could cause it to slow down, by both installing an Solid State Storage Drive a Wiping & Cleaning the Window OS, this will put your computer in the most basic, factory state it can be in, & will be the fastest it can truly be, since there are no more moving parts, speed will be based on your computers configuration.


#2 - Virus's & Malware running in the back ground

Sometimes the problem could be as easy wiping the Windows & starting over fresh again, that will put the computer in the same state as it was when you first bought the computer, it will have nothing & be the bare base Windows.

From here you will need to install the programs you'd need in order to work, study or do whatever you would need to be able to do on the computer. If you do no know how to obtain or get the programs/setup you need, we offer aftercare & remote setup assistance, Let us know if you'd need any of that so we can be properly setup when you come to pick up your system.

#3 - CoMiNg SoOn!

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