How to recharge your phone line with our website!

Want to pay your phone bill without leaving your couch??

Follow this simple guide to pay for your phone line without having to drive yourself here!

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1. Go to our Shop by clicking this link here.

2. Click on the "Airtime Category"

3. Click the Carrier you have that you want to recharge.

4. After you have selected your carrier, select the amount you want to recharge, & click add to cart.

5. You will be presented with this screen & would need to do a couple things here.

Make sure you filled out all info correct on this page, no refunds if there are any errors.

Helpful Tip: It is also a good idea to include a different contact # if possible.

(incase there are any issues.)

Make sure you change the "Shipping' to "in store pickup" so that you are not charged shipping!

6. You will be proceed to this screen, log in or click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

7. If you login, you should know what to do, however, if you click on the card option, go ahead & fill out all the necessary information.

8. When you have reached this page, you are almost done & Would just need to verify everything before hitting the submit by pressing the "Place Order" button.

9. After you have received a confirmation email, message us anyway you can weather it is by text message (Located at the bottom of our homepage), or Facebook Messenger.

10. Your payment will be processed soon if it is in within normal business hours, however, if it is out of business hours, we will do our best to fulfill your payment ASAP!

As always message us, if you have any questions or trouble paying!

Happy Day!

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use "50BILLFEE" at checkout!