How to Pay your Bill online!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Want to pay your bill without coming into the store????

You can follow our easy 3 step guide to pay your bill!

If you cannot or don't want to come to the store you can use this method so that you can pay your bill with us no matter where you are!

With our Simple 3 step payment process, our system isn't as hard to use as the other guys, Simply Choose carrier, choose plan, pay; & you are done!

Simply Follow the following Steps:

- Cell Phone Activations Tab > Pay bill > Choose your carrier > Choose Plan > Type in Phone # > Click Add to cart > Pay

Click here to get started!

1. Pick the 'Activations' Category

2. Click 'Pay your bill'

3. Choose your carrier (We will use Simple Mobile for this example)

4. Choose your rate plan

(When you type in your Phone number to pay, it would help if you use the following formats in order to mitigate typing in the wrong number)

6. On the 'shipping' option, Pick 'Airtime' so you are not charged shipping, after that click pay & you are finished. Recharge will be applied same business day or next day?

As a courtesy you can message us at 972-487-5936 with your order # & phone numbers recharged in order to expedite processing your phone bill. Need Wi-Fi to pay your bill? Many Mcdonald's or Starbuck's offer free Wi-Fi for your devices, payments can be made from any internet connected device. Let us know if you need any help <3

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