How do I know which iPad Model have?

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Here we will go over which iPad model you have so that you can better identify the model itself, be able to get it repaired, or just look for a simple case for it.

So steps are as follows.

  1. Look on the lower back part of the ipad, just like in the picture below

2. You can check here on the Official Apple website where they list ALL the iPad models they have ever made. & look for the model number of whatever the model number of your iPad is. so for Example if on your iPad you see "A1474" on the back of your iPad. That means that you need to look for A1474 on the page & whatever it says on there is the model of iPad you have.

3. Now you can go back to our Tablets Repair page and pick the repair you are looking for wetaher it be from a Small Repair or Screen Repair we got the hook up when you're fishing for a repair.

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