Does your Samsung Screen look like this?

A lot of us drop our phones, a lot, one most of us have protective cases for our phones, but there are a couple instances out there, where our phone somehow falls down to the floor & we do not have a case on it. Gladly cases protect our devices from such drops, but the few times that it doesn't have a protective cover on, if you are lucky, your device will be ok and nothing would happen. However, if you are partially lucky, then only the glass of your phone will break & you could still use your device. Then there are the worst times, where your phone drops, & you picl it up only to realize that the image looks like funny, almost like the one in the image. Why does your phone look like this & what can I do? We like to give our customers 2 options when this incident occurs.

1. I do have important data on the phone I don't want lost, like pictures, Videos, contacts, etc...

If you do not want to loose your data on your device, one of the options is to repair it & you can find our LCD prices for repair here & click 'Galaxy Repairs' on the left side. The other option is that we can retrieve your data from the phone & put it on another device that you bring, such as a laptop, flash drive, or even another phone! You can check our damaged phone data retrieval service prices here.

2. I do not have important any data on the phone; I already have it backed up to the cloud.

dIf you have already backed up your data to the cloud yourself, prior to the phone breaking, then your are in the clear, if you have insurance on your phone through your carrier you can start that process right away. If you do not have any insurance, then you can go ahead & buy another device & you can see our current list right here & if configured correctly, after signing in with your account info, your stuff should pull down from the cloud & you can carry on with your life.

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