Android "Cleaners/Boosters"

It has come to light in recent days that over 1/2 the Android phones that come trough our store have apps that are suppose to 'clean your system' or 'super chargers' that 'fast charge your phone.' so you can have 'all day battery life' they can also be referred to as 'memory/cpu cleaners.'

         So do these apps actually clean your phone and make it faster and snappier? Well yes and no, most of the ones that you will probably get are the free ones such as 'Super Booster by Fanfare' 'Speed Booster by Lite Tools Studio' or 'Super Fast charger by thanhios68' well these apps are known as 'adware' its kinda like a virus but it defers in a way because its not actually harming your device, but its fairly annoying because they display pop up's & ad's very frequently, then you have to close to ad and overtime this because annoying and  since your phone has to constantly download new ad's, & save them in your phones cache as storage & on your phones RAM since it has to display those ad's frequently, so that 'super app' that is suppose to 'clean your phone' or 'charge it super fast' may be more of a phone slower than a phone booster.

 Don't worry about downloading any special app to keep your device clean or boost the speed of it, as most of the legitiment boosters/cleaners require root access to your phone, but this article us suppose to be for the general audeince, & that is a different story for another day. 

    You can keep your phone as snappy as when you 1st got it by clearing the cache, and deleting old files, and erasing old data or apps that you dont use, all from within the settings menu of your phone.

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