A note regarding SIM Change

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We are writing this blog post to update you on the ongoing concerns about SIM Swapping, If you are not familiar with it, it is a term that is used when an unauthorized individual changes the current active SIM Card on your account, to one that the unauthorized individual has in their hand, which means that, once changed, will give them your access to your phone number to pose as if they are you, meaning that if they make an out going call, your number will appear on it as if you are calling, or texting your family & friends & no one will have any idea until it is too late.

The dangerous part of all this is that in this day in age, we all have our most important things in some shape way our form connected to our phones, weather it's a bank account requiring 2 Factor Authentication, or your Facebook Account requesting approval to sign in to your account, These are things we surely do not want in hackers hands.

Take a look at the current ongoing court case against Verizon & AT&T Employee's due to an 'inside job' regarding SIM Swapping. Click here Take a look at a more indepth explanation from fellow Youtuber "SomeOrdinaryGamers"

Due to the ongoing issue & the amount of sensitive data tied to a phone number. We will now require a Government Identification in order to process all SIM Card changes weather you activated with us or not. We are taking this measure to prevent unwanted SIM Card transfers & to help protect all customers as best we can.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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