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The complicated process of porting your number :) 


So, you like your own number huh? Ok well here are the steps that you ned to take in order to port over your number from one phone company to the other.

Step. 1 - Give yourself at least 3 days

We like to give as much time as possible since anything could always go wrong when transferring a number over to any carrier (wrong info, mistype, delays, etc..) so we usually reccomend customers to come in no less than 3 days before the end of the billing cycle (or more if possible) so that there is enough time to fix any issues before before the end of the billing cycle, should the end of billing cycle be reached, phone number cannot be transferred, phone number needs to be active to be ported over. NO EXCEPTIONS 

Step. 2 - Have Account number & pin/passcode

Every time you start service with a new carrier (weather it be a port in or a new number) you get a new account # & password/pin for that particular account. So if you are going to transfer your number say from, MetroPCS to Simple Mobile, we will need your account # from MetroPCS so that we can transfer your number over to Simple Mobile. Without the correct account number & password we cannot transfer over phone #. NO EXCEPTIONS


Click here to go to the port in section of the website so that you can get started in filling out the form to port your phone number over. It is always recommended get this progress done before even coming into the store so that you can continue to use your phone service while the phone number transfers over (can take up to 3 days) that way when you come in, you just pick up your SIM Card, insert in your phone, & continue right where you left off 💕

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