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I agree that GVA Electronics shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss, alteration or corruption of any data, software, information, files, or other media, nor damage caused by fire, theft, testing services, diagnosing, or repairing. It is Customers responsibility to back up ANY data prior to service, while we do not expect any errors, there are no guarantee’s, data is the customers responsibility. When a device is left for repair; programs, personal settings, bookmarks, favorites, emails, contacts, photo’s, personal data, etc... may be deleted.  Due to the unprecedented nature of water in electronics, GVA Electronics does not warranty, nor guarantee items brought in for water damage. GVA Electronics will not be responsible for any damage from an attempt to repair an item for these reasons or any other reasons. By signing this form you give us permission to add your phone # & E-Mail to our messaging system to notify you of promotions or special offers, & to send you email updates & newsletters. MSG & Data rates may apply, if you would like to unsubcribe from from our email list, there is an unsubscribe link, at the bottom of the first email you recieve. I authorize GVA Electronics to do the following: A) Perform all necessary services requested to item(s) brought in to store. B) Strive to meet estimated repair date, although, GVA Electronics may change this any any time, for any reason. C) Install all OS/software/programs required for repair & accepting the “Terms & conditions” on behalf of signature indicated below, or when you recieve your intake form in either printed or digitally. D) I also understand that service to some items brought in for repair will void the manufactures warranty & understand GVA Electronics does not assume or have any liability in voiding any warranty on the device. The signature underneath (or upon recieving your form digitally) agrees with all the terms & conditions under the GVA Electronics policy. All sales ARE FINAL - NO refunds. Customer has inspected & tested items at store & accepts them without warranty of any nature.

Updated: 12-4-2019
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