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If you have this screen it is easy, its NOT A PROBLEM to remove.



After removing the passcode/disabled screen, one of 2 things WILL happen

You will either HAVE or NOT HAVE AppleiD Lock or Activation Lock

What is activation lock?

Essentially think of it this way, your AppleiD is like the key to your devices, once you lock your devices with that 'key' then the only way you can get back in, is if you have (in this case remember) the key.

Your Apple iD activates your phone & creates a unique hash code, that, after a reset, or software update, Appple needs this same hash to 'activate' your phone for use

Step 1

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4).gif

Your iPhone's Software is successfully restored back to box settings & can continue to step 2

Step 2





So you can go to home screen & use.

So you need to input the CORRECT Apple ID to continue.

You will have either the left or right screen after we have completed step 1 for you. Step 2 is completely & solely customer responsibility

A Closer look at the Activation Lock Screen

You will NEED to put in the email & password for the AppleiD in order to continue.

Remember the AppleiD IS your key.🔑


What if you really cant remember the AppleiD email & password?


You can try to reset your password for your AppleiD on Apple's own website.
ome people are able to get their accounts back, However, we cannot do this for you.
 Soley YOU (or the person who made you the account) are the best candidate to be able to reset your account login.

The last resort for your device on SOME models can be to turn your iPhone into an iPod Touch!

Ask Nemo for more info.

Have it explained in detail in this summary video!

Use our chat if you have any questions.

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