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System or Device Password

what do we get with this service?

Removes/Bypasses the password on the BiOS in order to proceed the system boot sequence.
Sometimes you may have gotten some computers at an auction, liquidation, school, recyclers, business, etc... that have added security on their system, this service should be the first step in the right direction.
This password is usually on an iC level & either involves mastering the elements of heat, liquid alloy, Lead and Tin, or can be calculated by super advanced, precision timing, quantitative mathematical algorithms, power by bots. This service will take a couple of days and if not always successful
After this password you might or might not have an OS on the computer, so you may require additional services.
Think of it like getting into a house, & now you wanna get into the safe, The house is the BiOS password, & your OS (Windows) is the Safe, they are different passwords & are NOT related/tied together in any shape, way or form.
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