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Hard Disk Replacement

what do we get with this service?

For a quick summery about Solid State Drives, click here to read our quick blog post about benefits of adding a Solid state Drive to your Computer, once you switch, you'll never switch back.
The part below is your hard drive, it has all the moving parts you see down below. a Write head, a platter, a motor, a electric ribbon cable, etc & so on.

With age, these parts go bad & the hard drive as a whole would need to be changed, with age the parts weaken hence why with time your computer gets slow, think of it like a muscle at first its strong, then weakens over time.
So why would I want to upgrade to something like that instead of saving some money and keeping what I already have? 
You are investing now in your future, over time programming languages will be optimized (or 'ment for') Solid state drives.
(Take a look at the Playstation 5's SSD Drive for example.)

What that means is that over time, the appliactions you use everyday are going to slowly over time change to accomodate for the performance boosts of Solid State.

👴Traditional Drive

Solid State😎

X0001 Performance

Relys on spinning disc 😂

Metal Platter Storage

2X Faster Performance

Instant Performance Boost

Integrated Chip Storage

Short LifeSpan

Fragile Like a baby

Long Lifespan

💪Tough Storage Device

If you delay updating your Drive to Solid State, When you eventually do upgrade to Solid State, you will either have to invest time & more money doing the process all over again & not to mention, backing up your data,

& then working on installing your programs again, only to sooner or later need a new computer, loosing over more time & money in the process & something that could have been done snce the begininning 
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