For People who say things like..

"It my old phone, but I forgot the pin"

"I bought a phone & wanna use it"

"My Bf, wife, husband, ex, mom etc.."

Start here

There are 4 steps, & up to 5 "locks"


If you have this screen it is easy, its NOT A PROBLEM to remove.



After removing the passcode/disabled screen, one of 2 things WILL happen

You will either HAVE or NOT HAVE GoogleiD Lock or Activation Lock

What is activation lock?

Essentially think of it this way, your GoogleiD is like the key to your devices, once you lock your devices with that 'key' then the only way to activate your device & be able to get back in, is if you have (in this case remember) the key.
This is called Removing Activation Lock
This is SEPERATE from Passcode unlock

Your Apple iD activates your phone & creates a unique hash code, that, after a reset, or software update, Appple needs this same hash to 'activate' your phone for use

Process for getting back INTO a phone that is locked

Step 1

Remove the passcode lock & boot Phone to see if have Google iD


Step 2

In the example below you need to input the CORRECT Google ID to continue or...

If it is a support model we can remove it, for a dicounted price.



Not have a


In this example, there is no GoogleiD

Step 3

Check if the phone is or isn't Blacklist or Whitelisted, this check, checks to see if the phone has been reported list, stolen, or owe money


Step 4

Network Unlock Programming
(This will release it from the current carrier)
As low as $49.99 & up!