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Tech is fragile, repairs shouldn't be.

Repairs that stand the test of time, with results you notice. Most repairs can usually be ready in about 1 or 2 business days. Feel free to contact us in chat with any questions you might have!

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Scenario One: You have a computer that needs updating to windows 11 from windows 8 with some school documents, & some photos you saved from your old camera back from 2017. 

Answer One: The correct rate should be, $119 + Tax.

($54 + $65)

Preferred Answer: $149.99 + Tax

($54 + $65 + $65) with a $34 discount

Explained Answer: So you may be tempted to get answer one, however take into account the Age of your Spinning Hard Drisk Drive, once it fails, your data go bye bye.

Upgrading to a solid state drive from the begining will make your computer as fast a possible & keep it going to longer.

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