Tech is fragile, repairs shouldn't be.

Repairs that stand the test of time, with results you notice. Most repairs can usually be ready in about 1 or 2 business days. Feel free to contact us in chat with any questions you might have!

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Scenario One: You have a computer that needs updating to windows 11 from windows 8 with some school documents, & some photos you saved from your old camera back from 2017. 

Answer One: Based on the chart list above, the correct rate should be, $119 + Tax. However, based on the unique position of the situation above, we will be more inclined to give you a discounted rate of $149.99.

($54 + $65)

Why is that a good offer you ask?

The $149.99 offer includes the upgraded storage medium called 'Solid State Drive' which makes you computer as fast as the laws of psychics & science will let it get.

([$54 + $65 + 65] - 34) + Tax

Scenario Two: You have modern laptop that just needs to be nuked because your kids put too much virus & downloads on it, that now you just needs to erase everything and start overs.

Answer Two: Based on the chart list above, we could qoute you the repair of $54 because you don't have documents, files, to save or backup, This could usually be ready in about 1 Day.

Should you choose to backup your documents while fixing your computer, the right qoute would be $119.99

($54 + $65)

Scenario Three: You know nothing about computers & need to get a certain web browser installed because your job or school requires it for whatever reason, & you also need to edit & write work documents, or spreadsheets.

Answer Three: Based on the prices above we would qoute you a price of $74 which consists of the main price & then 2 'addons' which is where the $10 come from.

($54 + $10 + $10)